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Capital Hospital Group is a vision and values driven company and all our HR processes are aligned to these principles. The company provides career opportunities to candidates that strive to display the values that we recognise in their personal lives as well as in their jobs. Recruitment and selection is made against a portfolio of predetermined professional skills and competency that form the basis of our people recruiting processes.

The company places a great deal of investment in continuous improvement and this also includes the investment in our people to grow their skills whilst also actively displaying the core values in everything they do. The Capital Performance Development Planning (CPDP) programme provides all employee’s with a structured and needs driven opportunity to assess their performance, their professional skills gaps and their leadership competencies gaps with a view to the company providing developmental opportunities to allow a process of continuous lifelong improvement. Each of these developmental journeys will be based on the employee’s own particular skills and leadership competencies needs analysis.

Our talent management programme will be made up of the identification of sustained high performers and high potential employees who will have individualised career and development paths developed with a view to providing leadership for the future with the growth that they need at the time that they need it. The kinds of people that Capital Hospital Group will recruit, promote, develop and recognise will be those that actively display the ability to determine direction, act decisively, deliver through others, has market drive and achieves through integrity, teamwork and learning.

As a leading edge hospital in blood disorders we pride ourselves with being able to offer our employee’s a career in a specialised and rewarding area of care and as a result of our size we offer employees a focused career or performance development path.

For a challenging and rewarding career at the forefront of modern medicine, please send a two page CV to   recruitment@capitalsurgical.co.za

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