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1 CHG-Code of Conduct-001CJ Version: 01 23/03/2017 Code of Conduct Capital Oncology Pty Ltd, Capital Surgical Pty Ltd & Capital Endovascular Pty Ltd Author: Dr Caron Jack Date: 08/03/2017 “Providing innovative quality healthcare in a compassionate comfortable environment”. Introduction This code of conduct sets the standard of conduct expected of all healthcare workers and healthcare support workers at Capital Hospital (CH) as well as those entering the building. This written set of principles are universally applicable and work in conjunction with the mission statement of CH. It also provides a type of ethical roadmap with which to determine appropriate behaviour and conduct. This code is written in relatively broad language as it’s designed to be a dynamic document that can grow and change in response to future developments in the provision of healthcare in South Africa.
  1. Objectives
To actively promote an ethical culture by defining personal and professional standards of conduct and acceptable behaviour of all people carrying out their duties and responsibilities at Capital Hospital and its regulated sites. 2 CHG-Code of Conduct-001CJ Version: 01 23/03/2017  
  1. Indications
The foundation for professional conduct derives from professional codes of ethics and guidelines, as well as relevant legislation. By outlying standards in this policy, we hope to raise the ‘ethical bar’ at Capital Hospital, achieve long term ethical goals, provide a framework to address ethical violations and encourage healthy dialogue when faced with potential ethical disputes. It is the responsibility of individuals to act in a manner that is consistent with this code of conduct and its supporting policies as well laws and professional regulations that govern including the National Patients’ Rights Charter. It is envisioned that the standards of conduct outlined in this policy will assist in ensuring a positive and safe environment for staff and visitors that optimises patient safety and patient care.
  1. Ethical Rules and Regulations
All healthcare professionals are bound by ethical rules and regulations specific to their profession and are thus held accountable for their acts of omission and commission e.g. The Health Professions Act states “A practitioner shall not cast reflections on the probity, professional reputation or skill of another person registered under the Act or any other Health Act” and the Bill of Rights, bestows on citizens “the right to have their dignity respected and protected”. Health care practitioners must also work with and respect other health-care professionals in pursuit of the best health care possible for all patients. The ethical rules guide judgment against unethical practices of health professionals.
  1. Responsibilities
It is expected that every employee or person entering the CH premises will support this code of conduct by holding self and others accountable. 3 CHG-Code of Conduct-001CJ Version: 01 23/03/2017  
  1. Standards of Conduct
 Treat all persons, with respect, courtesy, dignity, recognising individual needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds  Communicate in an open and respectful manner with all members of the healthcare team as well as patients, visitors to promote an environment of mutual trust  Individuals are encouraged to assert themselves in areas of patient care and safety as is their right  Conflicts should be resolved in a respectful, non-threatening, private manner using appropriate chains of command  Patient care is as per regulated ethical codes and guidelines  Prompt reporting of any individual who may be impaired in their ability to perform their assigned duties due to any cause.  Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all individuals per legislation, CH policy and employment contracts  Willingly participate in and cooperate with investigations into any adverse event, write complete and thorough statements  Report any actions or omissions by yourself or colleagues that you feel may compromise the safety or care of people at CH who and, if necessary use whistleblowing procedures to report any suspected wrongdoing.
  1. Reportable conditions
 Abusive or insulting language, signs or behaviour  Promoting or engaging in racist incitement or being racially abusive or engaging in discriminatory behaviour based on sex, creed, political beliefs, sexual orientation or the like, including jokes of this nature  Harassment, including sexual harassment, unsolicited sexual behaviour, innuendo suggestion or gesture and other inappropriate behaviour of a sexual or discriminatory nature  Threat to employees, patients, suppliers or visitors 4 CHG-Code of Conduct-001CJ Version: 01 23/03/2017    Assaulting a person or fighting with any person in an environment/situation which could cause the company or its operations to be prejudiced, whether on or off the premises, and this includes unruly behaviours
  1. Documentation
All code of conduct violations should be documented per human resources policies and procedures.
  1. Supporting Documents
HPCSA guidelines http://www.hpcsa.co.za/conduct/Ethics SANC code of ethics for nurses http://www.sanc.co.za/policies.htm Patient Rights Charter