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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of admission


      The following terms shall bear the following meanings:

1.1   “patient” means the individual receiving treatment;

1.2   “guarantor” means the individual who undertakes liability in respect of the patient’s account;

1.3   “patient’s agent” means the patient’s medical aid or scheme/ the Workman’s Compensation Fund/ the Commissioner for Occupational Injuries and Diseases/ the  patient’s authorized agent/ fund /insurer /patient account funder or any other agency or party; and;

1.4   “Capital Hospital Group” means Capital Surgical Westridge and/or the Capital Haematology Hospital.


2.1   The hospital reserves the right:-

2.1.1 of admission, subject to the receipt of an authorization from the patient’s medical aid or payment in advance of services being rendered; and,

2.1.2 to convert the tariff of charges reflected on the account to private rates if applicable.

2.2   All patient records remain the property of the hospital, and will be retained for a maximum period of five years.


The Patient:-

3.1   irrevocably consents to his/her Credit Bureau record being checked in order to assist in the hospital’s decision to grant credit/service, as well as to the hospital reporting on the patients slow or non-payment of accounts;                                                         

3.2   agrees to abide by all hospital policies with regard to any rule that is enforced for the protection and care of its patients;

3.3   authorises the hospital or any employee thereof to dispose of any tissue or bodily part in accordance with the prescribed legislation;

3.4   acknowledges that a blood test or any other medical examination, including a test for HIV, the Aids virus and/or Hepatitis B may be performed on him/her if it is regarded as necessary or advisable by the hospital in the interest of the health and safety of the hospital staff or of other patients admitted to the hospital;

3.5   consents to the aforementioned test or examination and to the taking of a blood specimen from the patient should this be necessary for the aforesaid purpose;

3.6   acknowledges that he/she shall be responsible for the cost of the aforementioned test or examination. The result of such test or examination shall be dealt with on a confidential basis by the management of the hospital and will be made known only to the patient, the patient’s agent and/or the patient’s doctor;

3.7.  consents and submits to the jurisdiction of the appropriate magistrate’s court in respect of all actions or other proceedings arising out of this agreement and in respect of any matter arising from the patient’s stay or treatment in the hospital irrespective of the amount involved and for all purposes under this agreement including and not limited to services of process, and giving of notice, and chooses as domicilium citandi et executandi the addresses provided in his/her admission form.


4.1   The patient or the patient’s agent, as the case may be shall receive the hospital account on a date after the date of the patient’s discharge from the hospital, and upon which date the account shall become immediately due and payable.

4.2   The hospital account relates only to hospital billed charges, and without limiting the generality of the services hereunder mentioned, excludes doctors, pathology, radiology and ambulance transportation (3rd party provider services), which services shall be separately billed by the relevant 3rd party provider to the patient or patient’s agent.

4.3   All queries or disputes relating to the hospital account rendered are to be directed to the accounts department at the hospital, in writing, within 30 days of receipt thereof;

4.5   The patient or patient’s agent will be entitled to query the account but until the amount queried has been credited by the hospital, the patient or the patient’s agent shall be liable for payment of the account in full.


5.1   Payment of the hospital account shall be made on discharge for patients not on medical aid and within 30 days for medical aid patients.

5.2   Interest at the legal rate will be levied on all hospital accounts outstanding for a period of more than 30 days.

5.2   The guarantor, whose details appear in the admission form, is held jointly and severally liable with the patient for payment of the hospital account, and he/she renounces the benefits of excussion, division and cession of action in respect of the full amount due and owing by the patient to the Hospital.


6.1   In the event of any repudiation or non-payment for any reason whatsoever of the account or any of patient’s account part thereof by the patient’s agent, the patient and his/her guarantor will be jointly and severally liable for payment thereof.

6.2   Should the patient and or his guarantor default in payment of any amount due to the hospital, the hospital shall be entitled to recover, in addition to such amount due all costs, disbursements and commissions incurred in recovering payment on an attorney and client scale including all charges levied by any other person directed to make the recovery from the patient or patient’s agent.


      Neither the hospital nor its employees nor agents shall be responsible for loss of money, valuables or any other property belonging to or in the possession of the patients or safekeeping of the hospital, or damage to patient’s property however such loss or damage may occur.


      The nature and type of the patient’s treatment will remain confidential, only to be disclosed staff of the hospital and medical practitioners responsible for the patients care.


      The terms and conditions cannot be varied, unless reduced to writing and attached to this document.


      I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of admission and that I know that I have an entrenched right to confidentiality concerning my health in terms of the Health Act, including information regarding the diagnosis of any medical condition and the treatment thereof. I hereby give my express consent to the Hospital, its staff and service providers:

10.1  to dispense therapeutically and pharmaceutically equivalent medicine for those prescribed;

10.2  to use ICD-10 and CPT codes when submitting a claim on my behalf to my health care funder; and,

10.3  to disclose the nature of my illness, or any operation or procedure performed on me, and to make available all and any records or copies of records in relation thereto to the patient’s agent.


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