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Capital Haematology Hospital is a modern, well-designed facility for the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing support for patients with blood disorders. Our staff and facilities promote a comfortable and compassionate healing environment for patients who often remain in treatment for a prolonged period. Special consideration has been given to the psychological and emotional needs of patients in an isolation environment.


The Capital Haematology Hospital has the following facilities:

– 18 Adult high care isolation suites.
– 2 ICU isolation suites.
– 6 Paediatric high care isolation suites.
– 8 Oncology sub-acute beds.
– Apheresis Unit.
– Cryopreservation Laboratory.


Capital Haematology Hospital is strategically located on the same property as several other service providers who compliment a specialised oncology related service offering. This medical campus offers the unique combination of these facilities which is an environment conducive to rapid patient recovery. This is achieved by harnessing the multi-disciplinary team available to consult with the patient and provide a clinician leader to provide a co-ordinated approach to patient treatment.

They are:

  • – Durban Oncology Centre, which houses a Linear Accelerator and is a purpose built radiotherapy centre. The above is supported by  
  •    two large Oncologist group practices.
  • – A Radiology practice, offering a full diagnostic radiological service including a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan.
  • – A Pathology Laboratory consisting of almost 30 pathologists are adjacent to the hospital.

The second phase of the development will be complete in 2014. The South African National Blood Service (S.A.N.B.S.) has agreed to situate a fully equipped Laboratory on this site. An additional 28 oncology sub-acute beds will be incorporated in Phase 2.

The hospital is equipped to perform stem cell transplant procedures and is supported by a cryopreservation unit and stem cell laboratory. These facilities are run by a highly skilled clinical team.

The entire hospital is a controlled environment with sophisticated engineering systems and considerations. The isolation suites have a High Efficiency Particulate Filtration system to ensure that the air quality is the most conducive to the recovery of the patient, by protecting against most airborne contaminants. Furthermore, there exists positive pressure differentials ensuring that air moves in the direction away from the patient to adjacent spaces to provide additional protection and an extremely high level of infection prevention standards. This is vital for patients whose immune systems are weakened by their treatment.

In addition, fully equipped “Medical Equipment Rooms” housing ventilators and other equipment are available, allowing any suite to be converted to an ICU suite without compromising the immunological status of the patient.

Mobile x-ray and ultrasound units are available within the isolation floors to fully service the patient where they are. Thereby ensuring that the patient is not required to leave the controlled environment of the isolation unit.


During a long-term hospitalisation episode, which on average for Bone Marrow Transplant patients ranges between 4 – 6 weeks, the emotional well-being of the patient is equally important for their recovery.

These patients require the emotional support of family and friends however, the nature of their condition is such that minimal physical contact and interaction is paramount to assisting recovery. We have endeavored to address this with the provision of advanced communication systems with supporting data transmission infrastructure in the form of fibre-optic connectivity and “Skype-enabled” smart television sets.

Patients can video-conference at their leisure with the intention of promoting the psychological wellness of patients. In addition, doctors can conduct a ‘virtual consultation’ which intensifies monitoring and treatment modification. Access to the Internet also provides a degree of mental stimulation.

An extended precaution in our infrastructure design that the common areas in juxtaposition to the Isolation suites are also ‘High Filtration‘ zones. This enables the patient to mobilise quicker utilising these spaces for limited exercise.


The hospital team comprises specialist haematologists and support staff who are trained to provide the highest levels of care.

Services include:

  • – Investigative procedures such as biopsies.
  • – High dose chemotherapy.
  • – Apheresis (harvesting stem cells).
  • – Cryopreservation.
  • – Stem Cell Transplants.
  • – Pre and Post transplant care.

Patient Comfort

We strive to ensure that our patients are as comfortable as possible during their stay with us.  Patients undergoing bone marrow transplant procedures will spend between 4 – 6 weeks with us and we have designed our facilities to incorporate comfort, safety and the psychological well-being of our patients.

  • Spacious Rooms

The isolation suites are spacious and sunlit.  Each room has a network connection to allow the patient to work, if they so wish.

  • Private Bathrooms

Each room has a private bathroom with a shower.